The Moroccan

The Moroccan features some very interesting and different musical elements compared to other Printing Press songs. At times a band favourite and at other times a frustration to play live, The Moroccan is certainly worth listening to.


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He was only 27 years old.
That doesn't tell you much, but this is what I'm told:
Life isn't what it seems,
When you're counting up your dreams,
And you're floating on the sea

They say that promises are very hard to keep.
You throw them out, and everybody calls you weak.
So he did what he was told,
'Till his mind grew dim and cold.
'Till he was no longer bold.

When he looked back on his life,
He saw his dreams were always out of sight.
So, when he hears the sound
Of the ocean all around,
He'll settle right back in the ground.

This song can be found on

Song For Saving EP


Written by The Printing Press
Jonathan Bright - Piano & lead vocals
James Everett - Bass & background vocals
Jeff Hume - Acoustic guitar
Matt Butash - Drums & percussion