June 26th

Sometimes life just won’t throw you a bone. Our philosophy, when that happens, is to write a song about it. Often it’ll turn out angsty and annoying, but occasionally you’ll get something quite refreshing out of it. The quasi-Celtic feel and unique drumming set it apart from the rest of this album, and the truth it speaks solidifies it as a perennial fan favourite. Everything that happens to the singer in the song happened in real life and, as distressing as some of the events may seem, they gave us this song. And we’re eternally grateful for what happened June 26th.


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I saw my old lover today
She smiled and said, "hello."
Her eyes were as beautiful
As the day I saw her go
'Cause two years ago
She told me to get out the door
And for two years I thought
I would see her no more.

But I guess sometimes we get it wrong.
And now an older soul sings you this song.

The old guy who lives next to me
Almost died today, I swear.
But they say that you're safe in your home
And no-one can hurt you, there.
But his chances are slim
Though he's lucky, I'm sure you'd agree
Sure, a robbery's grim
But they even took his dignity

And I guess sometimes we get it wrong
So now a worried soul sings you this song.

I came to a decision yesterday
I told myself I'd let bygones be bygones
And I'd say to anyone who asked me
What I thought about the world I know
I know I'd tell them that it's very rarely right
And goes to show: when even people fight
We've really got a long, long way to go.

And I hope that we don't always get it wrong.
And I hope that we can learn how to be strong.
But I know, without a place that I belong,
A lonely soul will sing this lonely song.

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Worth Imagining


Written by The Printing Press
Jonathan Bright - Piano & vocals
Jeff Hume - Acoustic guitar
James Everett - Bass
Matt Butash - Drums