Green (Red)

This tune started out life as an early recording that we made in a series of sessions that would become our first album, “Exhibit A”. With some funky bass licks from James, and a rather raucous drumline provided by Matt, the song has been transformed from its early loose-blues feel to a tight, rocking, groovy tune that just makes you want to dance…if you can find the beat.


<a href="">Green Red by The Printing Press</a>
<a href="">Green (Red) by The Printing Press</a>



This song was played (and maybe recorded!) at the following shows


Green hat, red hat, glass of wine;
Statues, paintings, the perfect crime.
Napkins, papers on the table there;
Light in the door, shadow on the stair.
Men come, men go, music halls.
Shocking writing on the wall.

Wind in the trees overhangs the street
Cracks in the sidewalk, between my feet.
Girls in white dance a different beat,
Making mistakes we all repeat.

Red chairs, green chairs, take a shot.
Lemons line this table top.
Blackboard, white board, sleepy eyes:
Social contract, truth and lies.
Red head, green head, glass of beer;
Wonder what I'm doing here.

This song can be found on

Worth Imagining

Exhibit A


Written by The Printing Press
Jonathan Bright - Piano & vocals
Jeff Hume - Guitar & vocals
Matt Butash - Drums
James Everett - Bass