Ghosts From The War

This song was the most difficult to record; it just gets louder and louder and louder until, at the end, every instrument is going absolutely nuts. That’s it’s charm, though. The piano solo at the end is just wild, and the vocal all the way through provides a different kind of excitement and energy from a lot of other tunes on the album. It’s a lot of fun to play, and we hope it’s a lot of fun to listen to, as well. And for those of you who really do have ghosts from the War: a heartfelt thank you from The Printing Press, lest we forget.


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Got ghosts from the war,
And all these bad dreams I've seen,
I've seen them before.
Can't take it anymore.
if you speak I will break,
And I'll break all over the floor.

I've got poison from the store.
I went to the doctor, and he says:
"I've seen it before."
I'm gettin' kinda bored,
Sittin' around just waiting for something else more.

I'm livin' by the shore,
And the cold lake, now,
Just feels kinda warm.
I guess I'm torn
Between the light, and the dark, and the way I've tried before.

I don't know what changed,
But something did.
And now I feel all alone in the wind.
I don't know how to cry.
I don't know how to laugh.
I don't how to feel, it's all gone too fast.

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Written by The Printing Press
Jeff Hume - Electric guitar & vocals
Jonathan Bright - Piano & organ
James Everett - Bass
Matt Butash - Drums