Afraid Of The Dark

One of the more rollicking tracks on the album, Afraid of the Dark may have more to do with what’s scary on the inside than it does with any of the dangers ‘out there.’

This song has always been a bit of a monster live even when it was just guitar and piano. While not played too often these days it will surely make a comeback in the future.


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She grew up in a tower of stone,
And though she wasn't, she said "I'm all alone!
Building a castle of happy ever after,
Every brick I place is just a minor disaster."

Put on your jacket, and walk through the park.
Don't forget to be afraid of the dark.
Sit on your park bench, and get lost in thought.
The walking man will find you there at dawn.

Don't go, don't go.
Don't go. Don't go!

Won't you come out, and go for a ride?
It's cold out here, but inside it's dry!
Living to question nothing at all,
When the only answer is: try not to fall.

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Written by Jeff Hume & Jonathan Bright
Jonathan Bright - Piano & background vocals
Jeff Hume - Guitar & lead vocals