Worth Imagining

It has been said, by many wise individuals, that one often treasures much more strongly that for which one has had to work very hard. Three years in the making, Worth Imagining certainly qualifies. The Printing Press’ sophomore album, it goes much further than their first, Exhibit A, in musically and lyrically exploring spaces to which the band had not previously traveled. From the first track, through “I Thought I Died”, from which the title is sneakily educed, through the pensive and heartfelt “Song For Saving,” Worth Imagining eschews genres and refuses to be pigeon-holed.

The addition of James and Matt to the band has allowed The Printing Press to expand their songwriting repertoire, and Worth Imagining demonstrates the value that both new members bring to the table.

All told, this album plays to the band’s strengths, and has something for everyone: old or young, big or small, green…or red.

  1. Green (Red)
  2. Chronicles
  3. I Thought I Died
  4. Comes Around
  5. Ghosts From The War
  6. Talk Is Cheap
  7. Rest For The Wicked
  8. Song For Saving
  9. Killing Me
  10. Fifty-Eight Pianos
  11. June 26th



All songs written by The Printing Press

Jonathan Bright - Piano, organ & vocals
Jeff Hume - Guitar & vocals
James Everett - Bass, electric guitar & vocals
Matt Butash - Drums & percussion

Produced by The Printing Press
Recorded in three living rooms, two basements, and a sauna.
Mastered by Dylan Bell at FreePlay Studios

Cover art designed by Dara Skolnick