Song For Saving EP

Unfortunately, one of the most difficult things about releasing an album is deciding which tunes will not be on that album; increasingly, however, the constraints of physical media are being lifted by the accessibility of digital media.

Fortunately, therefore, although the two tracks packaged on Song For Saving with the title track were ultimately removed from Worth Imagining before its release, we are pleased to present them on this companion album.

  1. Song For Saving
  2. The Moroccan
  3. All The While


<a href="">Song For Saving by The Printing Press</a>


All songs written by The Printing Press

Jonathan Bright - Piano, organ & vocals
Jeff Hume - Guitar & vocals
James Everett - Bass, electric guitar & vocals
Matt Butash - Drums & percussion

Produced by The Printing Press
Recorded in three living rooms, two basements, and a sauna.
Mastered by Dylan Bell at FreePlay Studios

Cover art designed by Dara Skolnick