Exhibit A

The Printing Press’ debut album – a collection of early demos heavily featuring piano and guitar played by Jonathan Bright and Jeff Hume respectively. An acoustic duo whose songwriting style melds an eclectic set of influences to create a nebulous mix of folk, pop, and rock.

  1. The Spanish One
  2. What Have You Done With The Rain?
  3. Afraid Of The Dark
  4. We Gotta Be
  5. Day To Day
  6. Green (Red)
  7. Fifty-Eight Pianos
  8. Quarter To Nine


<a href="http://theprintingpress.bandcamp.com/album/exhibit-a">The Spanish One by The Printing Press</a>


All songs written by The Printing Press

Jonathan Bright - Piano, vocals & sh-k-sh-k
Jeff HumeGuitar, vocals & yelling

Produced by The Printing Press at Studio 73
Mastered by Chris Hudec at Digital Sunspot Studios

Cover art designed by Alicia Pang