The Printing Press is a marriage of fairly divergent musical influences, brought together by a common creative drive. Jonathan’s jazz and piano-rock bias, and the classic and psychedelic rock that Jeff grew up listening, are fused together with James’ funk-influenced low-end and Matt’s straight-ahead pop flair to create a nebulous mix that provides a little bit of something for everyone.

Starting as the musical duo of Jeff Hume and Jonathan Bright in 2005, The Printing Press has doubled in size, adding Matt Butash on drums early in 2008 and James Everett on bass later that same year. The additions came at exactly the right time; Exhibit A – the first Printing Press release – had been met with great interest and approval by the band’s fans, and the excitement caused by the new members led many to suggest that it was time for the band to once again ply their craft in the studio.

Beginning in early 2009, Worth Imagining began to take shape; new songs were written, old songs reworked, and the band starting recording some demos. The first tracks for Worth Imagining were laid down later that year, and the album was ready to be mastered by early 2010.

Now, as summer 2010 hits its stride, The Printing Press has as well. With their second CD hitting the proverbial shelves of online music stores worldwide, and a number of exciting performance opportunities lined up, the band looks forward to their next challenge, new experiences, and to meeting many new fans in the months to come. Whatever comes next, it can’t be anything but exciting; if the past success of The Printing Press is anything to go by, who knows what they’ll be imagining a year from now?


The band can be reached at contact@theprintingpress.ca or on Twitter.