Like the new decor? The old site was getting a little long in the tooth and we decided to blow it up and start from scratch. What you see now is the result! It’s not just new decorations though – we’ve rebooted theprintingpress.ca with tons of great stuff for all of you. Let me give you a rundown:

Living Liner Notes

For our newest album, Worth Imagining (which you can buy on our Bandcamp site) we decided to forego a physical release on CD and go all digital. Looking at the costs required for producing a physical product along with the minimal benefit (who actually listens to CDs?) we decided to go all digital and make it easier for everyone. For those who want to buy in person at shows we’ll have download cards. Unfortunately though, going all digital means no more liner notes which means small art, no central place for lyrics, song info, and more. So we needed a place to put all that stuff online.

Online isn’t a CD/vinyl sleeve though and while we can duplicate some of the functions of that print format we can also do much more. We decided to create a dynamic and extensive catalog of everything related to our music. If you go to the Living Liner Notes in the media section you will find pages on each song and album we’ve released which all feature the standard lyrics, song information, credits, audio etc. along with featured demos, alternate recordings, special live versions and links to shows which the song was played and possibly recorded at.

The aim is to create a dynamic database of all our material and document the songs before we released them and the life they have taken on afterwards.


As a band we’ve tried in the past to record many of our shows as audio or video whenever we can. While we’ve slipped and not done it sometimes a lot of our past shows have a lot of self-bootlegged recordings associated with them. The shows section aims to document all our past and future shows with information on the show, the poster and a collection of all live recordings both audio and video that exist. Find these through our song pages or browse each show to download individual or full recordings.

We’ll keep you updated as the media in this section is filled out over the next little while. Some video and audio from past shows is sitting around on hard drives and as time permits it will gradually be put online.

More to come

This site exists to provide more than the usual music experience. Our goal is to upload media on an ongoing basis as we create more recordings, uncover old versions of songs and record live performances. For updates on what is going on please become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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